Friday, March 6, 2009

Weekend is almost here.........

My interview went really good yesterday and hopefully I will be back in the full-time work force within a couple weeks!!

Casey has a game this afternoon, I have to hurry so I can get ready. We lost our first game, can everyone say ERRORS!!!! I hope for good throws and good catches today!! I am trying to post a new picture of him in his uniform if this blog would hurry!!!

Will's appointment yesterday was a little more than I imagined. He has several things wrong inside his knee. They are doing surgery Wednesday and hope to remove some fragments and repair some tears and also remove a lot of fluid. He also is going to get a very close looking at from the inside because his ACL did not look good, what ever that means. He said ACL would be a second surgery if it comes to that.

I have to go, Go AMS Tigers!!!!

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  1. good luck on your job hunting. a positive person like you shouldn't have much trouble getting a great job!
    and I hope Will's surgery will go well too. Brrr...