Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Busy Busy Week

Well, just got home from Casey's Middle school baseball game. We beat Woodland 8-7. Casey had a good game and got an out at home. Way to go Dawg and Nate Dawg what a combo!!!My friend from high school Laurie came to see Casey play although she is a true Woodland fan she sat on our side!!! Casey's big sis Adrienne and her friend Kim to watch too. It was a good game for so many fan's to watch!!!

Will's Surgery is in the morning, I am more nervous than he is!!! I will up date after the procedure and let everyone in on how he is doing.

I got the job at CVS. I will be using my Pharmacy Tech skills again starting mid week next week. Thank goodness because I have not recieved one penny from unemployment!!!

Lee has relapsed and his cold is back with a vengence. I hope he is well soon.

Live, Laugh, and Love it will get you through the hard times. I know from experience!!!

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  1. I will say a prayer for the surgery and I am thrilled for you that you get to go "back to work" soon! I hope your new work environment is a fun and enjoyable one!