Sunday, March 15, 2009

Everything is going well....

Sorry it has took me soo... long to get back on to update. I have been a very busy momma this week.

Will's surgery went well. He did have 3 things wrong and the doctor either repaired them or removed the bad parts. I am not gonna get into it because I barely understand it myself. He is doing well, he is putting pressure on it and doing exercises. Will goes back to dr Tuesday and if all goes well back to school Wednesday. It does hurt but he is excited cause he slept on his right side for the first time in over a month last night. Don't you have a side you perfer to sleep on?

Casey played baseball in the rain Friday afternoon, let's just say the game nor the weather were a pretty sight!! We got rained out od our double header Saturday, I guess we will have to reschedule. He plays again Tuesday.

I still have recieved NO unemployment so that is 5 weeks without me pulling in any money. I am soo.. Glad CVS has me on the schedule to begin my new job this coming Wednesday. I was not supposed to start till the end of the month but I begged. I hope our creditors understand, I hate being a day late on anything but it takes both of our incomes to survive. A up note to CVS besides having a job, I get paid weekly. That will help get out of the money crunck quicker!!!

Lee's cold is better and he is working a little overtime (that's all they will allow is a little), but after taxes it is not that much!!

I hope all out there are well. Live laugh and love as I said before it works.

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  1. I hope you have a fantastic first day back at work! Also, you have an award at my blog, come see!