Friday, February 27, 2009

I am OK....

I am gonna be ok anyway!!! I am looking for work, I have a job in sight--Just hope they are looking my way too. Seriously, I am waiting for a phone call. One of our family friends used to be my boss and he is hooking me up with a Pharmacy that hopefully needs me. Looks good but the sun has not been shining in my direction lately.

Will has injured his mcl in his right knee. He gets a MRI Monday. His doctor was very honest and basically said it does not look too good. He has to get it taken care of now so he will be ready for football, so... Doctor says NO BASEBALL!!!! Will is to say the very least NOT HAPPY!!!

Casey's middle school team has their first game next week. He is soo.. looking forward to it. He had his basketball banquet tonight. They got T-shirts and I even got a thank-you for keeping the books at the games. Coach Pethel is sending me a T-shirt tomorrow with Casey, he asked my size tonight.

I have been really depressed, I am usually not like this but I really liked my job and was not expecting it. I guess we showed always expect the unexpected but what kind of life would that lead to? I am trying to be positive, I can attend some of Casey's games that I would of missed and Will needs me right now. He has two appointments right now for next week, one Monday and back to Dr. Brown on Thursday for results and plan of treatment. It feels good to be needed.

Luke came this Tuesday and spent the night and most of Wednesday with us. I have a new picture I will have to put on next time! He is 8 months old now and stands but will not crawl for all the tea in China!!! He cheered us all up.

I will go because it is very late here, I can not sleep and depression dos funny things to us!!
I will be back soon, I Promise............

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  1. Isn't the timing great that you are at home to help your injured child and take him to all his appointments? God definitely has a plan and it is for YOUR GOOD so hold on and be looking for the awesome blessing God has in store for you!