Thursday, February 19, 2009


I was very upset yesterday to receive a call from one of owners of the company I worked for. I was told they no longer needed my services and they were going too terminate my contract. I was considered an independent contractor. I was really given no other explanation even though I did ask. We were expecting pay-cuts or hours-cut, but I was not expecting this. I loved my job and my bosses. I guess I do not have good judgement!! I mean how can you let go an employee who has never even got in trouble before. I have friends inside the company where I provided security to. I think that intimidated some people, I found out somethings that they did not want me to know. Oh well, A friend that works there said there had a company wide meeting today and the doors are shutting by June so I guess I have a bigger jump on them to get a job!! I live in North Ga anyone with job suggestions let me know, I do not work cause I want to. I do it out of a great need too.

I am gonna go I will be checking my email and comments but I am gonna take a few days away, I need to regroup!! I feel like the carpet has been pulled out from under me or I fell into a sink hole. I am sure y'all get the picture, I will be back soon...........


  1. oh honey, being fired is such a huge ego crusher!!!
    It sounds to me that it wasn't that they didn't need or want YOU, sounds like they are going out of business. Nevertheless, I know how it feels, it's like someone close to you dying, it's just devastating. You feel so violated! I hope you will find something soon. These days it's hard though, but the folks at the unemployment office in Cartersville are very helpful (or so they tell me) Good luck, I'll be thinking of you. Unfortunately, not being 'out there in the real world' I won't be running into anyone or any place that would help you find a job, unless you want to work in a restaurant. Take care!

  2. I look forward to hearing about your new job adventure on here!!! What a blessing!