Saturday, February 7, 2009

Working Weekend.....

I am at work today. I have a stomach bug and it is not easy being here. I know my job is gravy on the weekends. I just do rounds and admit a couple of employees. Today so far I am the only one here, of course it is early.

Baseball update: Casey made the Adairsville Middle School Baseball Team!!! He was really nervous but, he pulled through. His friend Rodney got cut, Casey was so upset about this that when he found out he slammed one of the big metal gym doors open at the high school. Everyone turned around and stared. I am very worried about Rodney, he should of made it, but hey I am not the coach. There was a great need for him as back up catcher. Casey likes to know he can trust his relief and he felt confident in Rodney's abilities. We still do not know who all made the team but congratulations to the following boys who we know made it: Casey, Spenser, Zach, Andrew, Josh M., Dylan, Tristan, Collen, Denton, Kyle, Blaine, Cody H., Neal, Nathan, Hunter, and there are 3 more but I can not remember or do not yet know their names. They have their first regular practice this morning. Then we will know who all made it. I watched the last day of outfield try-outs on Thursday there was this one petite African American player who was the sh*t. I think he is a 6th grader. He was very very good. I am sure he made the team. I will update players as soon as I know the entire roster.

Will is doing very well with his driving. So far......So good. He took Casey to school and then himself on Friday. That is gonna be a great help to us. Then he drove to AMS baseball field and watched try-outs. He later drove to Wendy's and got him some supper, while we were at the AHS game to see the AMS boys and girls basketball teams get introduced.

Like I said, I do not feel good and I have 10.5 hours left to sit and feel gross so I maybe back with that AMS update real soon...........

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