Sunday, February 8, 2009

Almost to the end of another working weekend...

Well, this weekend has been a little weird to say the least. I have felt funny and so yesterday my friend Tracy came by work to check on me cause I explained to her how I was feeling. She checked my blood sugar and I was well above normal "356". I stayed high like that all yesterday even when I was just drinking water. I am at "296" today. I called a friend who is a nurse and she said the stress I am under and not eating regularly like I should could cause it to do that but, boy is it a weird feeling. When I get home I am gonna crash!!

Lee had another practice today for his traveling team. They are looking good I am being told. We are gonna have a meet and greet at our house next Sat for all the family's and player's. We have 2 boys playing from Calhoun, 1 from Woodland, 1 from South Central and I believe everyone else is from A'ville. So I think it will be nice to socialize with the parents and players so we can know each other on and off the field. Go Bartow Bulldogs!!!

I know I am awful but I still have got to get the other middle school players names that made the baseball team. I can not wait until the game opener!!

Well, I have been reading a lot while I have been feeling yucky! James Patterson has been seeing me through. I read his Judge and Jury Friday and finished it up yesterday. Then when Tracy came by to check on me yesterday she brought me her moms copy of his Cross Country. I started it today. I just love to read his books they are soo.. fasted paced you can not put them down.

I will be off Monday and Tuesday, but no rest Lee has baseball errands for me to run and so does our treasurer. Then I will unpack a little more. I would really love for all decorating and picture hanging to be done in time for our Hot dog Social next Sat.

I hope everyone has found sunshine in their day!! I am finally seeing a few rays of my own!!(Insider for blog friend!) Smile and the world will smile with you...Frown and you will gets wrinkles!!!!!!!!

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