Friday, February 6, 2009

Off days.....

Well for starters off days are way too busy and go way to fast.... This is my 60 hour week and I only get two off days. With our move being complete and super bowl party on concrete floors over. I thought things would slow a bit. Well, I have not even hardly begun unpacking boxes. I did found out the foreclosure went through on the house we were renting. It went up for sale on the court house stairs and NO one bid on it. So, the mortgage company got it back. And our land lord lost family property that had been in her husbands family for years and years.

We now have carpet so, I will start unpacking boxes. It looks great it butts right up to the tile Lee laid and the colors go together really well. My new living room set looks awesome with the colors so the move is great. Lee says he is very happy and he feels this is where we are meant to be. I tend to agree with him!!!

Talk about luck, yesterday morning Lee was up first (it was my off day) and he showered then started to brush his teeth NO WATER!! Well lucky for us the well just froze up no busted pipes. We will leave the water with a little drizzle so as not to freeze up again. Lee also is purchasing a well light it keeps pump warm and pulls very little amps of power. So thankfully that was a little problem. So they boys and Lee brushed their teeth with bottled water. The water was unthawed by the home owner with Casey's hot pink hair dryer(LOL). I got to take a shower before my errands.

The most important of my errands was accompanying my 16 years old son "Will" to take his drivers test. He did good on the course they have set up at the DDS. He only forgot to turn on blinkers while parallel parking and doing a turn-about. On the actual road test where he ventured onto a very busy 41 highway in Cartersville turned left on Grassdale road, turn left into a bunch of little roads back to Grassdale, then left turn onto 41 back to DDS she said he drove perfect. Her exact words were "He did not scare me and that's saying a lot" and "He was the best driver I have been in the car with all week." That made me feel GOOD! So, last night when it came time to pick Casey up from the middle school after an outing with the AMS boys basketball team to see Berry College play Will went and picked Casey up. We could get used to this. I remember when Adrienne got her license and our life's got a little easier.

Casey is having Middle School baseball tryouts this week. He is very nervous, he always is when it comes to eyes being on him. He text me this morning and said he made the first cut. he now has final try-outs this afternoon. The final roster should be up sometime this evening. If he makes the final cut they will have their first practice of the year in the morning. Good Luck my son!!!

We are attending the AHS basketball game this evening. They are recognizing the Middle School basketball team between varsity games. Casey is excited about this as basketball is over and he is looking to the spring and summer for more baseball. We did go to the AHS basketball game Tuesday night. We played Chattooga it is always a good game. Our girls got their first win of the season which was very exciting. But, the boys did not fare as well.

I will check in later..... I hope everyone has a great day.

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