Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well...It's Saturday I hope everyone out there enjoys their weekend. As for me I am at work. I honestly do not mind working on my weekends but, there is this issue of my son having a basketball game and me having to miss it. I am one of those parents who would rather have a tooth pulled with no deadening agent instead of miss anything my boys do. I know I am lucky working full time not to have to miss more but, it still hurts. I wished him good luck and kissed him on the cheek when I left he did not even roll over, of course that was just a little after 5 am this morning.

I am still sick, fever, chills, nose completely congested, now coughing and sneezing! Thank goodness for Vicks! I am taking Dayquil, NyQuil, and nasal spray just to get through my days. That has been my life since I got out of bed Wednesday and took my kids to school ran by Freds and picked up all that stuff. It works for a couple of hours but, no where near the 4 hours recommended on the packets.

I am so.. excited about the baby news I have been reading on my blog friends. Congratulations to you all. I love babies they hold a soft spot in my heart that is why I enjoy keeping Luke when ever asked. Heck, I even call and volunteer if it has been too long. You know, they grow up way too quick.

Will is completing his driver's ed course and will be a licensed driver soon. He is a good driver but, it still scares the heck out of me. I remember when Adrienne got her license she volunteered to run to the store to pick this or that up. But within 6 months she thought it was punishment to have to go get something for me. I let will run me on my errand, practice is key and he has driven in the day, night, fog, rain, and pouring rain and he done purty darn good each time. We would not let him on the road unless his daddy and I felt it safe for him and anyone else on the road at the same time. Good luck son on your upcoming drivers test!!

I'm gonna work a while I maybe back later to let you all know a wrap up on Will and Caseys sports for 2008, before 2009 gets too far on its way....