Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fall Sports 2008.....

This year has been jammed packed This is my first installment for sports 2008....

I believe I posted this picture in the beginning of my blog but, Will does not let me take many pictures so never think there is favoritism between my boys! Casey is a ham and loves to be photographed!! This is Wills first day dressing out for Varsity. They had to wear khakis and look nice on game days!! Sept. 26,2008.
Casey left his regular travel team to play with the International All Stars. He was coached by the now famous Coach Tobin(congrats on your 300th win as Varsity Basketball coach @ Woodland HS here in Bartow County!!)Casey formed many new friendships and got to play with Rooster and Zach again. Fall ball was new to us. We had a blast!!! Casey learned that he can be a part of any team it just takes team work and heart. And he is full of heart and his talents are not too shabby either!!

Casey Also played football during the fall. He played for his middle school team at Adairsville. In this football photo he is # 75, he is getting the next play from the coach as he runs into to pass it on to the Q'back. They had a good season. They Beat Cartersville that makes them champions in our books!!

During the fall ball season I tried to never miss a game but, as luck would have it I had the stomach bug and thought I was gonna lay around while Lee took Casey to his game and Will actually went with them for fear of catching what I had. Well, not two innings into the first game of a double header I get a call from my bestie Tracy ( her son plays too!) that my baby is layed out on the field because he got hit in the head between the eyes by a ball thrown into home very hard trying to get a base stealer out.

So I jump into my Kia and a ride that should of taken 10 minutes took less than 5. He was just coming off the field. He saw me coming and said I am going to the dug out, Daddy said son you better not you know she will come in there to make sure you are all right. He had a fierce headache, swell ugly, and stitches from baseball. You can see in picture that was took within 15 minutes of the incident.Casey threw the batter out that was trying to make to first. Then the kid on third started to steal home. Casey had been taught by an old coach to toss your catchers helmet off to secure better few for steals and such. SO.. he throws his helmet off. First baseman zooms ball home. It was supposed to come in low.. stealer takes Caseys' legs out from under him and gets the ball between the eyes!! Stealer Safe!! Then after only a few minutes of ice Casey bats!!! In league play if you are on the roster and do not bat you are an out Casey would not do that to his team. He got walked but stole bases and scored!! He was left off second game roster so we could take him home and take proper care of him.

The above picture of Casey was took the next morning. He had been iced down several times, checked out by a close family friend, nose broken!! But break was high so should not cause any blockages for breathing. Should heal in a few weeks.

The picture to the right is Tuesday the 30th of September after the Saturday hit to the face. Notice now both eyes are blackened well, Casey being the tough guy he thinks he is did not miss a football practice until the coach made him sit out . This occurred only after tough guy got nailed in the nose by a shoulder pad that went right between the guards on his face mask!! Well he has now recovered and you really can not even tell his nose was broke. He is as handsome as ever!! Girls Beware!!!!!!

Will played football for Adairsville High School. It was his first year on varsity and his second year on Junior Varsity. He is the tall one on left blurry but #55! This is his letter he received at the awards banquet in December.

We had a few coaching problems but, our faithful Coach Gulledge came to the rescue. Our boys still have not been informed of who the coach will be for next year. This is causing some transfers and indecision in some of our key players.

Overall our boys just fell one game shy of the playoffs. Hats off to them for keeping their heads on straight when soo... many adults could not do that. They led with example instead of the adults leading them. Way to go Tiger Team you guys are truely the BOMB!!!!!

I still have to add Spring Baseball at AMS and for the NGT for Casey. And Summer baseball for Will for the Adairsville Tigers Rec team. Oh yeah and Adrienne played on the Rec team too... It was Coached by Hubby. Tell you more Later.....

I hope my kids do not bore you if they do you will not want to read my blog... HAHA... My hubby and kids are my life!!!


  1. Wow- you've got your schedule full with lots of sports, don't you!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog- it's nice to 'meet' you and I'm looking forward to learning more about you and your family.