Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hump Day.....

I have had a very hectic week and grateful this is the middle...Hump Day!!! I finally made it to the doctor. So after 6 days of fever and sickness and 100 bucks later I had severe bronchitis and an ear infection. I have been on antibiotics since Monday and taking some killer cough syrup. I am not 100% but, I am getting close.

I have had a very stressful 2 weeks. I have not mentioned this but, y'all help me through soo.. much I feel I need you guys to hear why I have not been me lately. I have learned how disheartening it is not to be in control of your own surroundings. I cried all day Sat and yes I was at work and thank goodness I held myself together enough to function. My husband, boys and I moved in the middle of August to a wonderful new home or so.. we thought. We are renters and after living in a home for 4+ years we were asked to move so that the owners son could sell the home to help send his kids to college. We lucked out or so.. we thought and found another house only a few minutes out side of the town we lived in, same school district. We got a great deal and moved. Two weeks ago I get a call from a mortgage company informing me the house I lived in was being foreclosed on. Seems even though I was paying land lord rent, GA power and county water she was not paying the house payment or my power and water bills. She promised me I had no need to worry everything would be taken of. That's why I did not mention it. I had false hope. The house was featured in the local paper in foreclosure this past Thursday. As of today still there!!!! She did go pay enough of the power bill and water to make them happy for a few more weeks. So see why Lee and I felt like we had no control. We were paying our bills as laid out in the lease and she was not doing her part by meeting the obligations of the creditors. I got really upset cause she acted like this was none of my business. Hello-- it's my family that could be on the street, with no power or water. Long story short, I ask just the right person if he new anyone that had a house for rent and he did. Thanks Chris!! We will be moving in a couple of weeks, other house sales on court house steps Feb. 3. The new house is in our home town, it has 3bedrooms, 2 &1/2 baths, and good large living room, formal dinning room and breakfast nook. So its a better house the Girl that owns it went yo school with us and she is giving us a great deal on it. We are lucky and I know I could trust this girl with my life. So sometimes things happen for a reason..that's what the new land lord says..I may believe her on this one.

I am at work today and tomorrow, then this weekend we are gonna help lay ceramic tile at the new house and of course see Casey play basketball and he will also have baseball practice. Lee is holding tryouts this weekend. I will probably be back later....

Have a peaceful day and if it starts a little off look forward to a change... a good change!!


  1. I'm so glad you're on the mend and congrats on the new house! sounds like a great place!

  2. I am glad to hear you are on the mend. I think your new house sounds like a better deal!

  3. good heavens, I did not read your blog for a few days, so sorry to hear about the hassles you have 'home'wise. How helpless and frustrated you guys must have been, and still are!!
    I wish I had the time and a strong back to help you move, but it sounds like you have lots of 'man' hands to get y'all moved.
    I know what it takes to move in a hurry, nothing to sneeze at. And especially now when it's so damn cold!
    Glad to hear you are feeling better, although, please watch yourself, don't overdo it (too much).