Friday, January 9, 2009

Back to school....

I am super thrilled my boys are back to school after a long winter break. They went back on Wednesday. Will is very happy with most of his new classes. Casey is just Casey happy go lucky, take it as it comes. But, they are great kids so I have no need to complain (most of the time any way).

Thursday...They came home with report cards.. Casey had straight A's for this semester. And Will had 3 B's and a C..79.. in weight training. Give me a break. You can make a b in geometry and Biology. Can we say disgruntle football coach!!! Will missed several days with the flu we all had and a football injury. He had a medical excuse because he injured his rotator cuff and was on restricted weights. He wrote 5 or 6 reports for the teacher one for each day restricted or absent. and only received a 73 for the 9 weeks 79 for the semester. I am not happy, I am pissed.

I have a very bad cold again, I can not shake it. My immune system has been very low lately and i am taking vitamins, extra vitamin c and nothing is helping. If you know something else I can do please inform me.

Its Friday.... good for most this week it is not for me I work 36 hours over the next three days, I am not complaining thank God I have job. I just know with this cold it is gonna be a very long weekend.

I am at work and have some work to do so Later...

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  1. My son brought home a report card and I have yet to see a parent teacher conference! I guess I am thankful he is doing well. Some teachers are just not organized. = )