Monday, January 5, 2009

Another Weekend...

Well the picture is a little dark but, you can see that huge smile with tongue sticking out! This is Luke. We had the honors of keeping him for his mom while she worked this weekend. He was with us from Friday afternoon until Sunday at dinner time. He is very good natured and is spoiled badly at our house. Will is glad he is finally big enough to sit up and play. If you notice he has a green tiger football in his hands. We have already got him in practice!! HAHA!!
Friday.... I completed my errands and picked Casey up from a friends house. Of course his friend came home with us. Adrienne had her Aunt bring her by to get her clothes out of Caseys' closet, he is glad to have more space. Sad to know Adrienne moving is a permanent thing. We just watched TV, played with Luke, and ate Pizza. Pleasant evening in.
Saturday.... Cleaned house,took care of little man, then off to baseball practice. My husband and a few other very good Bartow county and Adairsville coaches are putting together a new traveling team. Casey has played travel for two years plus his middle school team too. But, there are a lot of kids being left out right now so they are forming another team to give more kids the opportunity to play. I watched practice, they looked pretty good for a first practice. Casey went to my best friends house to stay the night with her son. After that it was a mad dash home to see the Falcons....Lose! UGH!!! Oh well that was a short lived play off season. Will fixed him and his Dad supper hamburgers while I napped, while the baby was napping. Hello, I am getting old!!! Luke ate two plus jars of baby food and went to sleep rather early. We watched more football. Lee and Will played the game system and I went on to bed.
Luke woke up about 3am and I like an idiot made a pallet in the floor and I feel asleep there. Only when I woke up 2 hours later I could hardly move. Yep, old I tell ya.
Sunday..... Lazy Sunday in front of the tube. There was a couple of games on and a couple of good old movies. I went and got Casey. Luke went home, lucky for his mom she is off work till Tuesday but, in the restaurant business a day off is grand. I went to bed after Desperate Housewives, because 4:30 am comes early..... Hope you had a good week end too!!!

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