Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Over.......

Very busy weekend, it went way too fast. Of course, every weekend I am off it goes rather quickly. Casey had a basketball game, they lost. He played well scored 5 points and had several rebounds. Lee and Will did not go to the game they went to the house we are moving to and along with Lee's dad and Will's friend's Steven and Cody and they all got started by 9am.

They replaced a door, tore out the hard wood floor in the breakfast nook, fixed a leaky bay window and started laying the tile floor all while Casey and I attended the JV games for the middle school at Ashworth. My sister and her kiddos came over and she was Lee's helper all afternoon. It seems she wants to learn to lay tile for a project she has planned for her kitchen. My step son Joseph also came over to check out the new house and help a little too. So we have had a house full of helpers today.

My sis and Joseph both live in sub divisions off the main road we are moving to. Both live less than a quarter a mile from where we live. So for the first time in forever I am gonna live close to my sis and Joseph is gonna live close to his dad. I hope to see them all quite often. Thanks for the help everyone.

Sunday we actually slept in until Casey text cause he was ready to come help. He had spent the night with his friend Spenser. Of course he really did not want to help and he was rather grateful when my friend Regina called to see if he would come catch for Dylan and Tristan. They all play middle school baseball together and until this year have played traveling ball together. They were gone about 3 hours. Adreinne and here friend Sara came by to check out the new house and they ended up going to McD's with us for lunch. We rested a little and ate.

Back to work Lee got the rest of the tile layed, grouting will begin this afternoon. I was his helper today, I think Jeanna did a better job than I did. Thanks Will, Cody and Steven for all of your cuts to the tile. Y'alls construction teacher Ron would be very proud of y'all. Everything is looking good the new carpet is supposed to be in on the 28th hopefully it will get laid on the 29th so we can begin moving the evening of the 29th. My dish is set up to move on the 30th and my phone service should be on there today. Cell's do not work good there so I opted to go ahead and move home service early so we would have access to a phone if the need arises.

I know I still owe you the rest of Sports 2008 today may be the day. I just have not decided yet. I have a few things to do. I hope you all have a wonderful day.....

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