Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Driver...

Will is gonna take his driving test Thursday, so beware new 16 year old driver on the road!!! He got his truck last night, 1986 GMC Pick-up Truck. It was what he wanted so he is very happy!! I am still nervous about letting out on the road, he drives good it is just a nervous Momma thing I guess.

House is looking good. One slight delay carpet will not be in until the 3rd and we have to move by the 31st. So, we will move then have to move all furniture to garage for carpet to get layed. Oh well, that's how the cookie crumbles as my momma would of said. She was always positive, after 18 and a half years without her that is one thing I always smile about her positive always honest attitude. That put a smile on my face!!! Happy Memories!!

Well another busy weekend, Casey has a basketball game today, and baseball practice tomorrow. Will has Matt over and they are gonna work with Lee all weekend. We are both working today so Casey is going home after his game with Spenser. Thanks Renee and Steve its good to have y'all around. So sorry to have to ask but, I am missing his last regular season game today and that tugs at my heart strings!! Play-offs begin next week his JV team is seated higher than the Varsity team because they have won more games. Go AMS JV Go!!!!

As I said I am at work, it is raining and still dark outside. I hope this gloomy weather goes away. I did have a ray of sunshine this morning early. When I checked on a very special young lady, Jesse Dee she seemed to have a better day yesterday. I am so thankful for that. Please pray for her and for Baby Girl Harper too!! Both seem to be improving!!!

I best get busy.............


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