Saturday, December 27, 2008


I am at work today. Lee is at home by himself because, Will spent the night at Stevens' house and Casey spent the night at my sisters' house with Benjamin. Lee is going crazy by himself, now me I enjoy a day with no-one to answer to, nothing that really has to be done. But, he is used to all of us being around or a ballgame to coach or go watch. So, I tried to encourage him to go to the show, read a book or come up here and visit with me a few minutes. But, I guess he chose to stay home. I do not know what he is doing.

I am at work, oh I have already said that. Well, I am not doing to well today. I have got that stomach virus and I am trying to work. At least there are not employees and trucks coming in and out today. I am having a hard enough time just being here, can't stay at the desk very long. And thats as far as I am going with that.

Casey, Jeanna, and Sydney have all had it in the past few days. Lee has it now, too just doesn't like to complain. I am being a baby I guess but the cramps and running have got me feeling very LOW! I may even have a fever. I FEEL ROUGH!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great day!!!!

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