Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A few days to heal...

I am very glad to say I feel a heck of a lot better. I basically have not done anything since Saturday. On Sunday, I did absolutely nothing. My boss was kind enough to find someone to cover my shift. I had worked all day Sat. sick as a dog. I am lucky to work for the two most awesome bosses on this earth.

Monday was not much better than Sat or Sunday, but I had to take Casey to and from basketball practice. And run a copy of errands while he practiced or we would not have any groceries. HA HA!

Tuesday finally started feeling better, took Casey to practice again. Cleaned house! Then rested and started reading one of my new books. I did play guitar hero3 with Casey, well only one song. I got a 91% yes it was on easy mode and No I still have not completed a song. Casey laughed and says he will only be proud of me when I complete a song. Yeah , he is quite good at it. I cooked homemade chili for supper, Will and Casey both said it was the best I ever made. I had a secret, I did not have enough chili powder so, I added about a half of a package of taco seasoning. It worked very well. And , I thought it was good too. Lee is sick now, so he did not eat any. We will have left overs tonight with hotdogs. Hurray for left overs.

Well, I hope everyone has a very safe new years eve. I will be tucked into bed early because I have to work in the morning. Stay Safe and have a good day!

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