Friday, December 26, 2008

For Me???

I am totally speechless, that does not happen often,me being speechless. My three favorite guys surprised me today at work with a gift certificate to have my nails and toes done. And then on top of a relaxing pedicure two awesome books by my two favorite authors. Sneaky? Yes, but I appreciate it more than anyone one could know. I have had a tough few days see, I get depressed a couple of times a year. My Momma has been dead for over 18 years, boy that's a long time....but, you never forget and the pain becomes less but it never goes away. I was only 20 when she died. I have lived another lifetime since she's gone but, My hubby has always tried to get me through it. He does a very good job, but I am human and I am lucky he realizes that. And I am very lucky to have him and my two boys, too.... I love them all very very much. Thanks guys ( Lee I know it was you and I appreciate it) !!!

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