Friday, December 26, 2008

This is the awesome man I am sure you will get tired of hearing about. The past two days I really enjoyed spending with him, my boys, and my sister Jeanna's family. I usually am home by myself on Wed and Thurs when they fall as my off days. But, I got lucky and because of the holidays falling on my regular off days I got to spend quality time with My Family. On Wednesday we mostly chilled out at home. I did however run to the grocery store to complete my shopping for my traditional lunch, I was to prepare the next day. When I returned I cooked a very late breakfast, well lets call it breakfast for lunch. I made home-made biscuits and Home-made gravy. With fried eggs to order and sausage. It was very good and since I made a double batch of biscuits Will enjoyed them all day. Will went with Steven to a family gathering, while Lee, Casey and I lazed around the house doing our own quite thing... Reading, Sudoku, watching the tube and Casey playing games. My sis and her 2 Sydney and Ben came by for a short visit on their way home from the in laws {Granddaddy's and Nannies( Nannie made poodle skirt not Nana sorry..)}. They had to go home and get in bed, well at least the kiddos did. Lee and Will started playing football on game station. While Casey and myself went to Jeanna's house to help with some cleaning and other things since my Bro in law had to work at the sheriff's department grave yard shift!!! No rest for the protectors. We got home about 2am Lee was dozing in his recliner and Will was watching (so was Lee behind his eye lids) Bruce Almighty. That is one of my families favorites if your down watch it you will Laugh even if you do not want too. Then off to bed about 3am.
We all 4 slept in on the 25Th. Lee was the first one up, I caught him playing the new PS2 system. I have no desire to play, I know they would laugh like heck at me. Cereal for breakfast, then I began cooking. We had Ham,dressing,gravy,mac & cheese,green beans,mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls. For dessert we had pound cake with fresh strawberries. My sis and her kids came over and ate with us(bro in law in bed long night and got to go in again tonight, he was not as luckily as I). Ben said Nannie and I needed to teach his Mom to cook like this (ha ha I had to get that in there sis). Ben brought his Guitar Hero he got that morning for the PS2, so Casey could show him how to jam. We all had a ball at it. I even tried that but yes my niece even out played me, Ben out played her, Jeanna out played Ben and Casey freaking outplayed us all always at 90% to 100% on all songs...not above medium though!!! Will and Lee tried just once each I missed them both but they would rather play sports games!! After everyone left naps happened more PS2 action and we watched like 100 episodes of House! The day was very relaxed and happy. I even got to see my bff when she come to get her daughters snow boots, I had to borrow during a cold football game, they are going snow tubing. More on them in a later blog...
Now, I will share a little about my daughter Adrienne,whom I have not heard from since a very few text messages on Tuesday. She left my home for the second time in a year on 10/31/08. I have heard very little from her. I love her very much, but she is twenty and should be taking care of herself and paying her on way, Right? RIGHT! When I was 20, I was a single Mom, taking care of her. Enough said for now. I love her very much as I do all my babies, I am just very hurt right now and will probably have more on the subject at a later post...
I will add a little about what keeps us all busy later today.....Until then have a great day!

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