Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Family...

This is my niece Sydney, she is Benjamin's Big sister. This is her in her Halloween Costume. Her Nana made the 50's style poodle skirt. She has a very outgoing personality and made a few scary pictures also. I may post some of them at a later time. Now onto 3 of my heroes!!

These strong boys are my nephew Benjamin, Will, and Casey. Over their Thanksgiving break from school they showed their construction talents. We moved back in August and the new home had a handicap ramp going to the front porch. Well, after I fell two times due to frost and ice my sons thought it would be wise to remove the ramp.It was a long ramp and I think it was not as easy as they had thought it would be. But, they worked hard demolishing it. This is where Ben had his fun, he stacked the pieces of wood out of every ones way. Then Will and Casey picked out the good pieces to cut into steps. Will has worked construction with his Poppa and Uncle Joey several times and has a course of construction from one of his favorite teachers at the high school Ron. So this may sound dangerous but he knew what he was doing. He layed it out, measured and cut the pieces to size. Casey helped hold the wood as he cut, and they all three had a hand in on the nailing. I got this shot of them sitting on the steps they built. Ben and Will showed off the muscles it took to do such a great job, while Casey tried to look like MR. Kool! This is very usual for Casey, you will get to know his personality along with my other family members as long as you do not find us too boring.

My husband and I have just celebrated yet another year of marriage. 17 Years. Has it all been easy? Please!! What dream world do you think I live in. But as with most things in life the good by far out ways the bad. It is funny how much everything changes in 17 years. Not just the things around you but you yourself. I was 21 when we married, I had graduated high school, had a failed marriage (thankful that one failed or I wouldn't be with my hubby Lee now), a daughter (I will include her in another blog, she is 20 and basically knows it all, you know what I'm saying?), I was working full time taking care of my daughter basically by myself. When I meet this great guy, well we actually went to high school together. I was a grade ahead of him in school, so I knew his big sister. He said the first time he spoke to me in the school hall, I snubbed him. He has told that story for 17+ years now and I really do not remember it. But, we meet again after alot of heart ache on my part. We date 3 short weeks and decide to elope. Crazy? Yes and NO! We have been married 17 years remember. He was and still is my knight in shing armour. I am not saying he is an angel cause I am sure in the future I will grip and complain about things he may of said or did but, He is the man MY MAN!! And I love him for putting up with me, taking care of our every need, ect... you get the point right! His picture is in my first post. I hope you come back and comment... I will warn you I am gonna keep it real!!!!!

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