Monday, June 29, 2009

Trying to get over all the negative stuff......

I have been swimming in depression as I am sure you have all realized. I have not felt myself for sometime now. I have had a migraine for 2 weeks.solid!! I went to work this past friday with a killer one. As the day went on my blood pressure went up and down and my pulse rate went down to 44.At my bosses request Lee picked me up because I did not need to drive. My left arm was numb I had chest pains and my lips were tingling. After several hours in the er, The doctor ran several test, my heart is healthy, my blood work showed I have no issues so........Dr.Malcom said I was having severe reaction to the migraine. He prescribed some powerful stuff to kick it, to;d me to destress my life, and relax for a few days. Today....... I was headache free for the first time in a long time. I have got to quit worrying all the time!!!!
Lee is working a little overtime to help for the hours I missed with this BS. He is an awesome man, I love him and I am grateful to have himin my life.
Will pasted his summer school course and has this week off from sports, he is laying around doing absolutly nothing!!!!!
Casey is at my sister-in-laws. They are going to see the new tranfoemors movie tomorrow. He is also without sports this week so he is gonna chill with Chris and Tiffany and enjoy a little of his summer. He was bored stiff until His Aunt Tracie came and got him today.
Things are gonna get better, Hell they can not get any worse can they? Just kidding I am getting a new attitude. Things are gonna get better or else!!


  1. Hey! So sorry you have had such a rough few weeks. Health affects EVERYTHING!!!!!
    Praying for you to feel better soon!!!!

  2. Hang in there Jill. Sounds like you're on one of them rollercoasters. I hope your meds will continue to keep the headaches away. Sounds like you had some panic attacks as well. SO scary, I know!
    Take care!

  3. hey girl! I just wanted to share our church's new website! It is pretty neat, and a really fun place!

    hope you are having a better week!

  4. I just read Jill's obituary. Such a shock, she was too young and still had so much to do here on earth.
    I wonder if anyone still checks this blog.
    May she rest in peace.