Thursday, May 7, 2009

SInce the last time....

I have worked Sunday until Wednesday. I am off today then I will not be off until sometime next week. I have been very stressed about Will's lit class, but I am gonna put that at the back of my mind right now, I already have a migraine (woke up with it)!!
Will is having spring football practice this week and next. He says the are intense. His body aches each night he comes home. I rub his back with muscle rub, uck I can not stand to touch that stuff. Will received a National Registry Construction Award on Monday night at the AHS awards ceremony. We are very proud of him.
Casey had spring practice last week, he never complained about being tired or aching. His baseball banquet has been postponed until Thursday the 14th. It is a father-son baseball game with food and awards of course. Coach Kremer the AHS football coach ran Casey's spring training. Coach gave Casey and the others that had complete the training a tshirt. They have the new Adairsville football logo on the front and say BELIEVE on the backs!! KOOOLLL!
We are all pretty good. Except for the migraine which is at this moment telling me to hurry up and get off this PC. Lee is still having trouble with his right shoulder aches all the way down his arm and up his neck. He is eating ibuprofen like it is candy. We are getting old....aches....pain....OLD!!! We are working all the time or running around doing something. Our boys keep us busy.. I am gonna listen to my migraine and go!!! more soon I promise.....

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  1. I have been having headaches badly this past week, maybe it is the weather or something! ugh. hope yours goes away soon!