Saturday, April 4, 2009


First off I want to thank Carrie for my Friendship award it means a great deal to me!! I would like to give this award back to you because you are a good person and are a very dedicated mommy!! I would like to pass this award to Terry and Calpso, my blog friends. Calpso is a very caring lady that has a very busy life and is one of the best momma's I know!! And Terry is a lot like me and she knows how to keep it real!! Thanks for being my friend. They both are great people and I wish them many smiles!!

This is a beautiful day in Georgia. Casey's baseball double header got called because our field has been rained on for days. He is the catcher and hates a for his cleats to fill with in his spikes. It like makes it impossible to run.

Lee is working today and Will is helping him. Tracy and I went and picked up baseball uniforms for The Bartow Bulldogs. I will post Casey in his uniform along with Lee and Will in Coaches gear and me in my score keepers shirt so y'all can all have a look at my adoring family.

Casey is stir crazy home alone with me. I can not get him to do anything but, be on my space, haha I ran him off long enough to blog a little while.

Work is awesome!! We were terribly busy yesterday. I feel sorry for the crew that had to work this weekend. I talked to them a little while ago and they are finally almost caught up and it's 3pm!!! The people at my new pharmacy are all great, they are down to earth and that makes for a fun work day. They made me feel welcomed from day one and that is a very great feeling.

Next week is spring break and the kiddos are looking forward to sleeping in. Casey does not have baseball practice until Thursday so he gets a little break hisself. Lee and I are both working so I am gonna make them a chore list with one thing to complete a day, thats not asking too much is it?

Casey and the Middle school team are leaving Friday morning to go to Alabama to see the college teams Alabama Vs LSU!! Go LSU Tigers. They are staying over night and very excited. It will be the first time my baby will be that far away without me!! But he will bein good hands with the coaches, they are a great group of guys!

My daddy is coming home to Georgia to visit next weekend also. I have not seen him in almost two years. I am soo... looking forward to it. He moved to Michigan over 12 years ago and has not got to visit recently due to health issues.

My niece Sydney and nephew Ben got glasses last month they look totally adorable. As you can see!!! Syd looks a lot like I did when I was younger except I had reddish hair. Ben looks just like my brother-in-law Tracy. My sister has been very sick this week, I hope she is back to her old self real soon.

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  1. I hope you have a great spring break! Glad the new job is going well...that is such a blessing!
    I love the glasses! (esp the lady on the left, those are adorable!)