Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well, I mentioned earlier my Daddy was supposed to come for a visit next weekend. I am very upset to say that tonight I spoke with him on the phone and because of cut backs at work it is not the smartest time for him to make the trip from Michigan to Georgia. They have had several lay-offs at his job and no-one is certain of the near future. His plans are a postponment until August. He is hoping things will be on the up-climb by then. I truly hope so too.

We are planning a trip to Michigan for a long weekend asap. When momma died in a car accident back in 1990 daddy had Jeanna and I let him know what things of his and mommas' we wanted when he was finished using them or replaced them. I always loved her Broyhill dinning room set with china cabinet. Daddy and Linda have bought them a new oneso mine is being stored in his garage and he wants us to come get it on a long, sports-free weekend. Lee, Jeanna and I hope to go in the next two months. I am gonna upload a picture of my Momma took a few months before her death and one of my Daddy and step mom Linda took about 6 or 7 years ago, Daddy does not like getting pictures made so it is one of the most recent I have. Thanks for listening to my disappointments, I
needed to vent!!!!

Casey went with the Steve and Spenser to the varsity baseball game. Joseph has called and wants to come over for the night and play games with Will. One son goes away for the evening the other comes over to stay the night!!! I am going to bed now, I have to clean house tomorrow and go to baseball practice to give out uniforms. So I'm out........Night!!!!!!!!!!!!

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