Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hi!! I have been working today and I have just arrived home to a quite house. The guys are all at baseball practice. Today was a good day at work and Everyone in our house is over the bug, just left us all a little worn out. I stopped and picked up wings for supper soo... no cooking!! I am about to go collapse on the couch and watch a little tube before I retire early!!! I hope everyone had a good day. Things are brighter than they seem.
I have posted a rose from the bush in my front yard. The bush was a gift from my land lord to her daddy several years back, he has since passed on but the rose is a reminder of our loved ones lost. I thought I would include it in my post to day as a thank you to John and Marcey for the kind of person he was and the awesome daughter he put on this earth. Thanks Marcey!!! And I miss you Momma!!

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