Monday, April 6, 2009


Today is soo... gloomy!! I have checked my emails, looked in on my blog friends now I will make a short post before I start to get ready for work.

I have straightened up the house, it is truely never dirty just lived in. I am gonna assign the boys a chore apiece to do before I get home this evening. My vaccuum.. cleaner keeps stopping up. Brand new carpet could kill one I think. I am gonna ask Will to take it apart and try to unstop it. Then Casey can vaccuum the living areas. They also need to load their dishes as they dirty them. Then there really is not much else to do. I have been washing cloths since Lee left this morning but, they wear it seems like 3 outfits a day.

Even though it is gloomy outside I hope everyone reading has a ray of sunshine in their hearts. I know it is hard at times but, we can all make it through!!

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