Sunday, January 25, 2009


Today has been sorta boring. My hubby brought me lunch and spent about 20 minutes eating with me before he had try-outs for the traveling team he coaches. I watched a little tv on the computer. My daughter surprised me by stopping by for about 15 minutes. I found me a couch on craigslist and I am going to pick it up on Tuesday, while I am finally off work for one day. It was just like what I had in mind that I wanted, so I am really excited and the people I am purchasing it from are being really kind and keeping it for me until Tuesday so I can come and get it.

We had a really nice time last night with our friends. After dinner we drove over and showed them the new place. They really seemed to like it. Once we are finished with everything I will have to post some pictures so you can all see it. Lee has got to get busy finishing the other tile before the carpet comes in. And we also have to move this week so, it is gonna be a very busy week for us. Lee's back and knee's are killing him so I understand why he has took a couple of days to recoup.

I am getting ready to go home. I do not know what he is gonna do after his practice he may be heading over to do a little work. He had to work at his regular job yesterday so, he has only had today off. I can not wait to get to my recliner!!! It will be awesome when I get there I may not get up till I go to bed.

I hope everyone had a great day! I have no complaints about mine, except its been quite a bore. I have to work tomorrow so my schedule is gonna be a little different this week. I will be off Thursday thru Sunday but, with moving I will get no rest. Until Later............

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