Thursday, May 21, 2009

School out? Summer really here...

I am good. I was out of work on Thursday and Friday last week, went to the doctor what do you know...I have a viral and bacterial infection.... on Pneumonia.... well after antibiotics I am better... still on the things but I feel almost like me. In my sickness I lost a few days, I ask Casey on Tuesday night what finals he had next week and what days were they!!! He replied, I took one today, and 3 tomorrow, and oh yeah mom the last day of school is this Friday not next. OUCH!!!! I will update you on them now, if you have not got my new system..Casey's updates are red.....Wills are green.....Lees are blue or boy color........Mine are a girl color what ever mood I am in!!!!!!! Next.....
Will he took a make up test in Dr. Silvers class yesterday he studied soo... hard Made a94. Brought his grade up to a 72.......see what a little studying will do. He has a final in there Friday....A lot of studying will be going on tonight!!! He is having to take Nova net for lit. He has pulled his grade up from a 13 to a 47. All the grades have not been reported yet, so...thank goodness for nova net summer program.
Casey has now finished all his finals and is enjoying field day today!!! He got all A's. He made a 101 on his lit final!! His final grades were...96 in lit and social studies, 97 in math and a 91 in science. I may have science and social studies reversed but , you get the picture PROUD!!! He has a base ball tournament in Elijay this weekend, I will miss it I have to work!!!!!!!!
Lee is still having shoulder rotator cuff problems.... I think he loves me for my back rubs and massages!!! His bulldogs team and 2 guys from Douglasville tryout last night!! they looked very promising....extended tryouts through the tournament this weekend. I hope they have a good chance to prove themselves. Lee seems to be a little better about them, he just wants commitment and everyone to lose the negative attitudes!!!!! If the parents would please set a better example for their boys!!!!!!!!!
I am gonna go now and read a few blogs.........catch up.......Have a awesome rest of the week and weekend!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow, I hadn't noticed that you color code your updates...that is such a neat idea! Everyone is excited about the end of the school summertime ahead! Do you have any vacations planned?